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Episode 100: John Farrow with Marilyn Ann Moss

Marilyn Moss joins the podcast to discuss “The Farrows of Hollywood: Their Dark Side Of Paradise” her new biography of John Farrow, a director whose films deserve a re-appraisal and whose life is a frightening mystery.

How is the world wrong about John Farrow

From Andras: At first I wanted to talk to Marilyn Ann Moss about her book because of my interest in Woody Allen. All I knew about John Farrow was that he sounded like the monster Mia often portrays Allen as, but once I started checking out John Farrow’s films like “Alias Nick Beal”, “His Kind of Woman”, “Night Has A Thousand Eyes”, “Two Years Before The Mast”, “Five Came Back” and of course, “The Big Clock” (which I’d already seen), it became evident to me that Farrow was an important and exciting director whose elegance, frankness, and odd lyrical spiritualism opened me up to a new (for me) cinematic voice.