The Cast

JOHN FARROW: Writer, director, gifted womanizer. One of Hollywood’s original “Bad Boys.” He had a dark, mysterious past, and was a consummate raconteur, a superb storyteller, a liar, poseur, imposter and, before anything else, a gifted womanizer. He arrived in Hollywood in 1927, became a screenwriter and then a director, and made some gripping and breathtaking films: “Five Came Back”(1939),  the first ever doomed-airplane-crash pictures, “Wake Island” (1942), one of the most realistic war picture made up to that time, the consummate thriller “The Big Clock” (1948) and the great noir classic “Where Danger Lives” (1950). He was a best-selling author and a “devout” Catholic — he wrote about the lives of the Saints — and spent many evenings discussing biblical questions with Beverly Hills clergy. He married the beautiful “Tarzan” star Maureen O’Sullivan, raised seven children, all of whom went on to their own infamy in one way or another — including Mia Farrow.

LILA LEE: Leading lady of silent film and early sound, began a long-time affair with John Farrow that lasted five years, simultaneously with Farrow’s affair with O’Sullivan.  She had substance abuse problems and spent a year in rehab in Arizona, where she was often visited by Farrow. She broke off their romance after he allegedly attacked her at The Garden of Allah in Hollywood.

MAUREEN O’SULLIVAN: Discovered in Ireland by director Frank Borzage and brought to Hollywood in 1929. She also came from a dysfunctional family: her mother belittled her constantly. Ingenue and actress, she became notorious for her skimpy outfits as Tarzan’s mate Jane and was a good-bad girl in Hollywood. Married John in 1936 and had a successful film and Broadway career.

MICHAEL FARROW: The Farrows’ first-born son who had a tendency toward mischief-making and died in a plane crash in 1959.

MIA FARROW: First girl child in the family, overcame polio at 9-years-of age, was a Beverly Hills princess. Started her acting career at 19 as Alison McKenzie in the primetime soap Peyton Place.” Got her first big film break in “Rosemary’s Baby.” Married Frank Sinatra, Andre Previn, became a serial child-adopter, had a very successful acting career, had a long-time relationship with Woody Allen.

PRUDENCE FARROW: Got involved with drugs and TM in the 1960s, traveled with Mia to India to study with Maharishi, where she became the model for the Beatles’ “Dear Prudence.” Later in life had a extramarital affair with murderer Robert Durst. Still teaches TM with her husband.

PATRICK FARROW: Overcame a troubled youth — was arrested several times for drug possession — by becoming an artist in Malibu and Topanga Canyon. Moved to Vermont with his wife, where he turned a church into an artists’ center. On June 15, 2009, alone in his gallery, he put a gun to his head and pulled the trigger.

JOHN CHARLES FARROW: Also overcame a wild youth. At 23 he married Polish fashion model and countess Ava (Eva) Fichtner; one month later Ava missed being murdered by the Manson family when her car broke down on her way to visit Sharon Tate. The marriage lasted 18 months. John Charles remarried. In 2012, he was arrested and convicted of molesting two boys. He served seven years of a 25-year sentence.

STEPHANIE FARROW: A top model in the late sixties and early seventies — she was featured on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar — she had a brief acting career (notably in a few Woody Allen movies) and then disappeared from public view.

TISA FARROW: Known as the “baby” of the family, she aspired, like older sister Mia, to become an actress. She starred in several independent, exploitation and horror films, posed semi-nude in Playboy, before moving to Vermont to embark on a nursing career.

And, of course, Woody Allen, Frank Sinatra, Andre Previn, Ava Gardner and a host of Hollywood stars and producers.